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Bread Additions and Substitutions
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Egg Substitutions and Additions
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Chipotle Honey BBQ Sauce – 500ml
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Others about us

This website is still monitored by Dave. However, Dave's Produce Packs' tenth and final year of operation was in 2018. My team and I provided over 40,000 produce packs over the years.

I've been taking an indefinite break from farming. In 2019, I rented the farm to Crystal and Matt Cassidy and they started Cassidy's Produce Packs. All current customers were notified last year during the transitional year, but some new or returning customers may not be aware.

This website IS still being used to signup for Cassidy's Produce Packs and new signups for 2020 WILL be received by Crystal. If you are looking to inquire about seasonal produce packs, please contact Crystal at [email protected] or visit the Cassidy's Produce Packs Facebook page.

Meanwhile, I am still occasionally doing food-related projects, so if you're contacting me relating to one of my projects, you'll soon receive a response.
Thank you