A Little Something About Us

Produce is our passion and these produce packs are our chance to share that passion with people around us. Please take a look at the guide for this year. We are watching excitedly as Dave’s Produce Packs expands and improves with each passing year

Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated farmers striving to bring you the best produce possible. This year’s team is a diverse collection of people  who will each bring their own unique perspectives and skills.  Under Dave’s guidance, the team will plant, weed and harvest the largest variety of vegetables possible. No chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizer will be used.

Our gardens are located in beautiful Bloomfield, NB, ten minutes from Hampton. This year we will be growing a little over five acres of mixed vegetables that we sell directly to clients through weekly produce packs. Each week, beginning in mid-June, we will deliver a pack of veggies, artisan bread and a dozen free-run eggs to a pickup point in your area. On harvest days we get up at 5 am, so all the veggies that are perishable are picked the same day they are delivered to you. This means that you are getting the freshest vegetables possible.

In this season, one of our goals is to focus on season extension. We will aim to use the latest in technology and variety selection to extend our season, hopefully from the beginning of June well into December.


Meet the Team

David Wolpin


Stephane Carrigan,

Farm Team
A passion for the outdoors and a personal development week led me down a path that ended at a farm. Not just any farm. It is in fact the farm that fuels Dave’s Produce Packs along with a community. Pastimes of mine include hiking, spending time with family and producing artwork. Happiness is my goal and my vision.

Wayne Fowler,

Farm Team