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If you left your deposit last season, you are already on our list for this year. Feel free to confirm via email if you wish.


What is a Produce Pack
Each week, beginning in early June, we will bring you veggies, artisan bread, a dozen of free-run eggs and seasonal fruit to a pickup point in your area. Under Dave’s guidance, the team will plant, weed and harvest the largest variety of vegetables possible. The first few packs have many greens, but the first legumes and root vegetables begin in mid-June and the largest variety begins in early July. We always strive to make sure we have a desirable mix of all vegetable types. On harvest days we get up at 5 am, so all the veggies that are perishable are picked the same day they are delivered to you. This means that you are getting the freshest vegetables possible. Click here to see samples of what we brought customers in past years. No chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizer will be used on the farm in any circumstance whatsoever.
More Than Vegetables
Bread & Eggs: We provide local free-run eggs and a choice of artisan bread made with organic ingredients and local organic Speerville flour or wheat-free Teff bread. Fruit & Deli: When available chemical free, we will always try to provide fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples and cranberries. We also may bring in organic peaches and plums from Nova Scotia. Some weeks of the season when there is no fruit available (primarily at the beginning) we provide a selection of the famous deli items that we make from scratch at Kredl’s. Meat: Local, grass-fed beef was a highlight last season. In continuation, you can order it on the online form and it will be cut fresh the day you receive it. We only practice whole animal butchery and buy a whole animal at a time, using every part possible. Dave has also made arrangements with a few local farmers to raise chickens in their pasture, the natural way, to ensure a steady supply for a large portion of the season. We also will occasionally have lamb, turkey and fish available.
It Might be to much for me
We offer two sizes of packs, $50 and $40 packs. Essentially, the $50 packs are approximately $38 worth of veggies from our garden plus the eggs, bread and fruit. This will be best for families, or couples who eat lots of veggies. The $40 packs are approximately $28 worth of veggies from our garden plus the eggs, bread and fruit. This will be better for single households or couples who eat an average amount of veggies. We are convinced that anyone can consume a $40 pack in a week, but if you are not committed to home cooked meals at least five days a week, this is not right for you.
What if I go away for a week
If you will be away for a week or two through the season, just let us know the week before and we will take your name off the list for that week and you do not have to pay. You can also choose to donate your pack to the Romero House Soup Kitchen, or let a friend or neighbour try it for a week. The vegetables keep growing even if you are away, so many people take their pack with them when they go camping, but if that is not an option, we understand.
Making it Easy
While we are challenging you to commit (if you haven’t already) to healthy eating and healthy cooking, we want to make our food as pleasure-filled as possible. To make this easier, we are growing more types of vegetables and will do everything we can to help you cook them. Our website ( has become a valuable resource for recipes for each vegetable. We will continue posting our recipes and we also want you to share your recipes by posting them yourself.
How Does the pick up work
Please bring your own bags and you will walk along our set-up and choose one item out of each bin. Some bins contain two different items, which means you can choose one or the other. There will also always be a swap box at the end where you can choose to leave an item you’d prefer not to have in exchange for another. Please see the photos from last season on Facebook to see exactly how it works. If you are hesitant to become a customer because you live and/or work somewhere off the beaten path, please email Dave and he will find a way for it to work.
What is the Deposit
We require a $100 deposit to hold your spot for the season. At the end of the season, the $100 will be applied towards your last two packs, which we intend to be $50 each week for everyone because we offer large quantities of root veggies (eg. 20lb potatoes, 10lb onions, 5lb beets, 4 squash, etc) so you have some of our veggies to last a few weeks once we are done our season. If at any point throughout the season you would like to stop getting the produce packs, the $100 is fully refundable as a $100 gift card at Kredl’s Corner Market.
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